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Tas Flowrance Group

Tas Flowrance Group manufacture and exporting mining company since 2005 to cover the activities of silica sand , Filtration sand , quartz lumps , beaches sand , phosphate rock , phosphate granular and phosphate powder , SSP , TSP , Dap , calcium carbonate , limestone , , Dolomite , Gypsuim , sea salt , industrial salt , ilmenite , fluoride , talc lumps , talc powder , welcome to visit us on the ground to sea how we work we can loading break bulk , jumbo bags or small bags 50 kg as customer satisfied , our main ports , Sokhna Alexandria , port said east

TAS Flowrance company have standard export packing silica sand such as: jumbo
bags new or second hand, polyethylene waterproof 50 kg bags as well as bulk silica
sand in vessel upon customers.

Ahmed AbdelAal

Company Director