gravel exporter filtration sand (8)
gravel 3-7 mm

Capacity and productions

TAS Flowrance team qualified, working under stress to achievement high level of quality control for both chemical & sieves deferent size silica sand will be upon customers request & our mine silica sand availability.

TAS Flowrance have standard export packing silica sand  such as , jumbo bags new, second hand, polyethylene waterproof 50 kg bags and bulk silica sand in vessel upon customers requested.

TAS Flowrance samples silica sand upon customers requested for free with MSDS, we are definitely pleased received your inquiry or query 7/24.

Filtration Sand and Gravel exporter from Egypt Good material
gravel 20-40
Filtration Sand & Gravel

Filtration Sand & Gravel

Silica sand and gravel has widely uses in the field of purification of the water and treatment of the drainage water.

TAS is one the famous and specialist companies in Egypt producing and supplier of the filtration sand and gravel not only in Egyptian market, but also worldwide market with many kind of specifications which meet the clients demand, satisfy quality and service.

TAS produce filter sand and gravel with deferent grain size analysis as (0.0-0.5mm), (0.5-1mm), (0.6- 1.25mm) and (1-2mm).

If you have any especial grain size or specifications, please feel free contact with our team for any technical support and further clarification.

TAS Flowrance produce Top quality of silica sand in Egypt which use for many applications which take the crystalline forms which supply the glass industries.

Filtration Sand and Gravel exporter Egypt

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